Handpicked Experiences

Life is not fair. Not everybody is capable of dreaming beyond the borders of the expected and the known. Most people only get to choose from a list of been-there-done-that packages, recipes, templates and formulas – and for many of them, that will always be enough. But there is a crowd that demands more, a little extra - something most people would never see, touch, hear or taste. This group was born out-of-the-box.

They don't sign up for anything that will not be anything but unforgettable.

For a lucky few, there is a new norm. Experiences based on big ideas that have been designed with creativity and flair, away from the cookie-cutter-ideas and beaten track that used to be their only option. They demand experiences that have been handpicked, from the big idea to the smallest detail.

Handpicked is a division of Tourvest Destination Management.