Groupon Fundraiser

In September 2012, 1%4 Wildlife teamed up with Groupon South Africa to raise funds towards Anti-poaching initiatives, specifically aimed at protecting rhinos.

Currently the rhino poaching epidemic, fuelled by a new middle class demand in Asia, is severely threatening the long-term survival of the rhino species, locally in Africa and abroad.

Anti-poaching initiatives include provision of material and hardware, resources and intelligence, as well as physically protecting the animals. 1%4 Wildlife and Groupon intended on raising enough funds to protect at least one animal by way of GPS chipping and ID notching for observation and poaching prevention purposes.

On the 17th of September a Groupon deal went live for 5 days, encouraging the public to donate R15 towards this intervention. The result was superb and we raised enough funds to capture and work on 2 rhinos.

The captures will take place on November 16th and we will be sure to report back with photo’s and a great story of how these animals now stand a much better chance of survival.