Cape Parrot Project

The Cape Parrot is Africa’s most endangered parrot and with ± 800 adults left in the wild and a highly disturbed natural habitat, their survival is hanging on a thread.

1%4 Wildlife went to Hogsback in the Eastern Cape for 3 days recently. The Cape Parrot Project, spearheaded by Dr Steve Boyes, is based here and our mission was to assess their project and its output and necessary resources.

The project is essentially a reforestation project. For hundreds of years the Yellowwod forests of the Eastern Cape, South Africa, have been heavily and unsustainably logged. The very trees extracted play home to the Cape Parrot, providing nesting sites, shelter and a very palatable and nutrient rich food source.

The Cape Parrot Project is doing a wonderful job in preventing the Cape Parrot from an almost inevitable extinction, but the rate of reforestation needs to be significantly upscaled.

We are going to be doing whatever we can to help the project in whichever way we can. The Cape Parrot Project is a necessary conservation programme which will have long term sustainable benefits for wildlife and the surrounding communities.

One of the few remaining mature Yellowwoods towers above the other trees. There should be thousands of these trees creating a tight forest canopy / roof 40m above the ground.