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A 100% BEE Solution for conservation and corporate budgets




Image 1In March 2013, 1%4 Wildlife launched the Wilderness Expansion Project. The project is an ambitious initiative aimed at growing and protecting wilderness spaces which are relevant to conservation.


At a time when human encroachment and related pressures are putting more and more pressure on wildlife across the globe, it is imperative that we strive to protect and grow the remaining wilderness spaces that we have left. Indeed the very existence of the human race relies heavily on the biodiversity of this planet, and with a current accelerated rate of biodiversity loss, only rehabilitation and protection of relevant habitat can sustain conservation efforts.


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The Wilderness Expansion Project is as much a humanitarian initiative as it is a conservation one, and was set up specifically to address relevant BB-BEE (Broad Based-Black Economic Empowerment) credibility for South African companies. Being Code 700 compliant is imperative in order attract support from South African companies who allocate budgets towards their CSI responsibilities. Therefore, the highest possible certification for BEE has been achieved and is recognised as follows:


The Wilderness Expansion Project has a unique methodology which creates financial sustainability over 50 years. No implementation of protection or rehabilitation will commence unless the project can fund the management, maintenance and infrastructure for the specific piece of land for a minimum of 50 years. Thus the project will educate, create jobs and capacity building initiatives necessary to generate the skills and manpower necessary for a period of 50 years relevant to the particular piece of land.


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The Wilderness Expansion Project thus promotes conservation and sustainability in the form of humanitarian resources and infrastructure. Financial sustainability is guaranteed up front for 50 years, and all relevant CSI and BEE needs are addressed so that South African Companies may receive the 100% BEE recognition for their budget allocations. International companies are welcomed to become involved as the conservation outcomes from supporting the project are significant.


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