Lichtenburg Assessment



Lichtenburg Biodiversity Centre

We were asked to do a preliminary assessment of ±7000ha of Grassland Biome about 200km due West of Johannesburg. The centre used to be run by the National Zoological Gardens of South Africa and since they pulled out on 2012, the local municipality, which runs the centre, has neglected it to the point of disrepair.

Thankfully Mother Nature is forgiving and 1 leaking pipe supplies water for the remaining wildlife on the centre that has not been poached. Being one of the last intact areas of grassland in the area, local and endemic birdlife still thrives in this habitat and is still spectacular.

Amongst other things we were thrilled to see so many Northern Black Korhaan, a species under concern due to their diminishing reports, Ostrich, Secretarybird, all the usual smaller grassland birds as well as evidence of Aardvark, Aardwolf, Caracal, Jackal, Porcupine, even Brown Hyena and numerous rodents.

This will be an exciting start to the Wilderness Expansion Project and we look forward to initiating and sustaining rehabilitation to the area and reintroducing larger plans game as well as smaller carnivores which will bring balance back to the ecosystem here.