Adopt a Ranger

Adopt an African Ranger

Having been active on many anti-poaching patrols, it is clear that there is a disconnect between the beneficiaries of the resources allocated to anti-poaching, and the troops on the ground who are the personnel agents. The decision makers are often far removed from the realities of the poaching epidemic which is gripping Africa, and the agents on the ground are left to literally fight a war with depleted and incorrect resources. 

In the last year, the number of contacts from a military perspective has exceeded the number of contacts experienced in Afghanistan over the last 10 or so years. Our troops are literally at war, yet this is denied by our governments who turn a blin eye, protecting our wildlife and natural resources, and are receiving very little support from up the ladder.

The sad truth is that African government and law enforcement officials have been corrupted by the demand from the Far East for illegal wildlife products. It is not in their interest to help solve this problem, and those that have not been corrupted are either unqualified in their positions or plain disinterested. Conservation in Africa, on the whole, is not taken seriously. 


This project strives to achieve 2 outcomes.

1)      We want to improve the morale of the troops on the ground, they are fighting a war every day and we are fully aware that morale and motivation certainly affects the effectiveness of an agent on the ground in a para-millitary situation.

2)      We want to circumvent the black whole which is the large NGO’s NPO’s and Government Organizations that receive millions of dollars in funding every year. We want to make sure that the right hardware, clothing and equipment get directly to the rangers in need, and we do this by delivering this, in person, as a personal gift the our rangers.

Currently most rangers will be issued hardware from their various units such as radios, GPS, binoculars and even firearms and ammunitions. This results in theft, loss, breakages and poor maintenance of equipment which is absolutely imperative for survival on the frontlines of tis wilderness war.

By issuing personal items, as gifts to the rangers, we are assured that this equipment will be cherished, maintained and used effectively, and we no longer have to rely on state issued hardware which is outdated, incorrect or irrelevant.

Field Accessories and Hardware Required

There are 3 categories of within these gift donations:

1)      Clothing & Fieldware

This includes all clothing, footwear, headware, eyewear, gloves etc.

2)      Field Accessories

These are items such as backpacks, daypacks, sleeping bags, lighting, portable solar units, field knives etc.

3)      Technical items

This includes firearms and ammunition, binoculars and spotting scopes, iPad, GPS, Digital Radio, etc.


To participate in this project please email