U-PARTY helps schools and charities to fundraise by hosting under-18 socials at their premises. U-PARTY has developed these socials to such a degree that we can claim to be the most successful under 18 social production company in South Africa. Our reputation has been built on a solid foundation of providing the best entertainment to high school students in an environment that remains safe and secure. This is all thanks to various industry partners including ER24, Gemini DJ, Bhejane Events, AVIS, Universal Music, EMI Music, Puma, Optimus01 and Wharfedale Pro.

U-PARTY launched in 1998 and has since undergone several facelifts. We've successfully hosted over 150 socials for more than 200,000 under-18s, all across South Africa.

We currently operate in Durban, Cape Town, East London, Johannesburg and Pretoria. Please contact us if your school is interested in the U-PARTY concept.

Teens expect the best in entertainment, and we provide just that by using a 25,000w Wharfedale Pro sound system, a 3,000 LED Chauvet lighting display and a fully equipped Gemini DJ Booth which accommodates our industry friends such as DJ Fresh, Lady Lea, DJ Cleo, Gareth Cliff, Euphonik, Nick Supply and others.

Parents and schools support U-PARTY because our events are safe and secure. U-PARTYs are free of drugs, alcohol and cigarettes, allowing us to promote a healthy lifestyle for youth. Our youth safety specialist security crew work with schools to ensure that this is maintained.

We have raised millions for schools, with a 2009 average of R40,000.00+ per event. High schools across the country are seeking new ways to fundraise successfully. This mindset has turned many schools and committees to the innovative U-PARTY concept. The result is a good fundraising success, selling hundreds of tickets at firm prices. Teenagers in South Africa alone spend R6bn – R7bn each year with a further R20bn spent on them, and this ties into our business model of utilizing this resource for your fundraising.

Be sure to keep checking the U-PARTY website to see where will be next!

Call or email us if you have any questions or comments.